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Where Is the Best Location for Your Outdoor Television?

Optimize the Outdoor Entertainment in Your Frisco, Texas Home

Where Is the Best Location for Your Outdoor Television?

Unite your love of the outdoors with your favorite entertainment by bringing high-quality video images to your pool, patio, or backyard. The first step in any outdoor TV installation is investing in a 4K Ultra HD TV designed to resist glare and brave the elements. Then it’s time to figure out where you should place your brand new television. Do you want to be able to watch it while you swim with your kids? Would you rather have it by the grill so you can hold a cookout for the Rangers game? Below we offer some standard guidelines you should follow when installing an outdoor television:

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Find Protection from the Elements

Just because your TV is designed to brave the elements doesn't mean you shouldn't go out of your way to protect it. If possible, try to install your television in a roofed-in area to avoid storms and direct sunlight. Not only will this enhance your viewing experience, it will also expand your TV’s lifespan.

Match Your Preferences

Many families are tempted to install their televisions where it makes the most sense due to size or wiring restraints. On the surface, this is a very good idea. The problem is that many families end up installing televisions in outdoor spaces that they don’t typically use.

With a professional outdoor TV installation, your AV technician can take care of all the needed wiring and help you find the TV size that makes the most sense. This way, you can optimize your installation while still placing your television in an area where your family likes to spend time.

Avoid Any Problem Areas

When choosing a location for your outdoor television, you want to keep the six-foot rule in mind. Your television should be at least six feet from a variety of structures which could harm it or your image quality. Having your TV too close to a fireplace or BBQ could cause your equipment to overheat. Keep it far from the pool to make sure people don’t try to use it while they swim and to avoid any big splashes.

Setting the Right Viewing Line

During your outdoor TV installation, you still need to follow some of the basic principles you would indoors. For instance, you want to make sure that you're placing your TV where the greatest amount of people would be able to watch it. The right angle can give it a larger viewing cone—so people throughout your patio, pool or backyard can see the image. Your TV also needs to be raised high enough so you can see it from various areas without other people getting in the way.

Run Away From the Sun

Though outdoor TVs include anti-glare technology, you want to try to get away from the sun’s rays. One thing you can do is have it in a shaded area like a porch or patio. You also want to mount it facing south. This way the sun is never hitting your TV directly as you watch and, more importantly, you’re never looking directly into the sun.

Are you ready to give your entertainment a breath of fresh air? Contact 21st Century AV for a custom-designed outdoor TV installation.

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