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What Makes a Home Theater Experiential

Expert Installation Brings the Cinema Experience to your Home.

What Makes a Home Theater Experiential

Film is a remarkable medium, a genuinely human endeavor of conveying an emotional narrative through moving pictures.  We often speak of movie watching as an experience. A medium that can make us laugh till our stomach hurts, cry to the point of exhaustion, or think in new ways is undoubtedly that.

Even with all that power and promise, we often relegate our viewing to screens that rob us of the visual force and listen on speakers that diminish or lose the encompassing sound.  While content can be consumed this way, it lacks the experiential - that feeling of being part of something, connecting.

A home theater installation brings the full force of the cinema to your home and family. The staff at 21st Century Audio Visual are well versed in creating just the right space; we are the go-to professionals in the Frisco TX area. 

An excellent theater environment brings together multiple integrated elements to create an ideal space for your viewing. These parts must work together, each reinforcing the other, putting you at ease and enhancing the adventure.

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Ambiance of Audio

The room itself is of singular importance; it will dictate the maximum screen size, what architectural sound components are required, and what shades or lighting are needed.

While great rooms can be created as retrofits, starting from studs and bare floors will garner the best results. The acoustics of the room, not just the sound system, is radically important.  Those thunderous lows during a Marvel movie will not land if the walls are built wrong or the surfaces are at the wrong angles.

Speakers and sound processors must fill the room, making the softest whispers clear and the loudest explosions exhilarating but not overwhelming. All of this along with fully compliant surround sound decoding will put you in the middle of the action.

Image is Everything

Image, of course, is paramount in a home theater.  While having 4k resolution capability is vital, there are a number of options concerning just what type of display to use.

Flat-panel screens and projectors have some pros and cons.  Each can deliver ultra-high-resolution images and provide years of services.  Depending on your personal viewing preferences, one may be better suited.

Will the theater be used primarily for watching films and shows, or will it also be a place to watch sports?  Is the space to be used once a week or once a day? Our team can work with you to determine the best solution based on your expectations and wants. 

Lighting is Paramount

Lighting, by its very nature, is theatrical. It can do more than illuminate your path; it sets a mood, brings warmth to a room and accentuates the action on the screen.   A home theater is an experience, one that should evoke a feeling of excitement, anticipation, and expectation. A well-designed lighting system can bring a room from serviceable to stupendous. Not only do you need a layered design, but an intuitive control system to manage all your fixtures.

Ready to make a move into making movie night an exceptional experience every time?

Give us a call today at (972) 757-4002 or contact us online for a custom solution to bring the cinema home.

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