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What Can You Watch in Your Home Theater?

Incorporate Your Favorite Sources During Your Home Theater Installation

What Can You Watch in Your Home Theater?

Often the most difficult part of a home theater installation isn’t setting up your screen or figuring out your speaker layout. For many of our clients that have attempted DIY installations, their issues have to do with figuring out how to enjoy their favorite entertainment. What good are high-quality screens, projectors, and speakers if there's nothing to watch? Below we highlight some common sources our clients like to use and how we could incorporate them into the private theater in your Frisco, TX home. 

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Blu-ray Player

Our expert technicians help you find Blu-ray players that offer the best in Ultra 4K and Dolby Atmos technology. Since these come with heavier signal bandwidths, it's also important to use the proper cables during your home theater installation. If you're using older cables, the signal may be blocked or not come through entirely. Finally, depending on your space limitations, we can hide the Blu-ray in a dedicated AV closet and run the wiring through the walls. This way you can enjoy your favorite movies without needing the equipment to be physically in the room.

Streaming Services

The TV industry is quickly evolving, and people are cutting the cord in mass numbers in favor of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video. In a smaller media room environment, it’s easy to opt for smart TVs to access this content. In a home theater, this can be more difficult. For one, smart TVs get very expensive in larger sizes.

In a traditional projector-and-screen installation, it also becomes harder to link up these services. We can install a media server or AV receiver with wireless capabilities, so it's easy to pull up your favorite streaming services when you turn on your projector. As part of your home theater installation, we can also strengthen your network to make sure there's no lagging or freezing during your favorite movies. 

Gaming Consoles

With immersive surround sound and dynamic images, your home theater is also the ideal gaming den. There's a variety of ways we can incorporate your favorite consoles without ruining the room's décor. One approach is to have dedicated AV furniture where you can put away your Playstation or X-Box One when not in use. You can also store your consoles in another room and bring them in when you want to use them. We can leave open ports in your theater, so you can easily plug in the consoles to your surround sound and 4K projector when needed.

Cable/Satellite Dish

Whether you want to keep up with Fox News or watch the latest Cowboys game, there are a lot of reasons to bring cable or a satellite dish to your theater. We do this in much the same we do your Blu-ray player. If your dish needs to be installed in another area of your property, we can run the necessary wires through the walls to get the signal to your theater without interruption or reduction in quality.

Are you looking for an easy way to enjoy your favorite entertainment in a dedicated space? Give us a call at (972) 757-4002 or contact us online for a custom solution. 

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