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Top Smart Home Products for the Holiday Season

Home Automation Ensures You’re Ready for the Winter

Top Smart Home Products for the Holiday Season

As the winter holidays are quickly approaching, it’s time to start readying your home for get-togethers with family and friends and to prep it for all the security measures needed during this bustling part of the year.

So how can you ensure you have your McKinney, TX property prepared for the upcoming winter and festive season?  With top-notch home automation features and technologies in place at your living space, you’ll not only be ready for the holidays – but can enjoy this time with loved ones more than ever before.

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Smart Lighting Control

Your home lighting control can truly elevate your entire property during the winter time.  Expand it with landscape lighting, and you can make your house stand out on the block with holiday lighting in a variety of colors.

This can boost everyone’s spirits and also give guests for any parties you host a way to find your home easily.  Using an RTI touchpad or wall panel, you can make any adjustments at all times – just with a press of a button.  Set “scenes” so that lights can stay on until the sun sets or alternate lighting fixtures to create a unique holiday display.

Smart lighting improves your home’s security as well.  For guests arriving at your home, your well-lit pathway can ensure the darker nights don’t cause any fumbling or stumbles while they make their way to your front door.

A well-lit landscape also keeps potential robbers or intruders away from your property, and you can even set lights to integrate with your surveillance system.  Outdoor lights can flood any area that suspicious activity is recorded or motion is sensed in, scaring away unwanted guests.

If you’re leaving home during the holidays to visit family and friends, your lighting and motorized shades come in handy.  Set them to “vacation” mode, and your shades and lights will randomly lower or turn on during the day, mimicking your daily routine.  This will fool burglars into thinking you’re home, and keep them away from your seemingly occupied house.

Audio and Video Components

Enhancing your home’s entertainment has all sorts of benefits during the holidays.  Sometimes the most nerve-racking part of hosting a huge holiday party is wondering if guests will feel welcome and entertained throughout the evening.

With quality AV features throughout your house, you’re sure to set the stage for a successful gathering with friends and family.

Multi-room video lets you play a classic holiday film in any room you have brilliant 4K screens in.  Stream the same movie from the same centralized source, controlling each form your smart device or touchpad.  And if kids want to watch a different movie in the basement while your friends catch the big game up in the living room – you can make that change just as easily.

You can spread the holiday cheer throughout your home with audio distribution.  Play Christmas carols on your speakers on the front porch, so as guests arrive they’re instantly put in a joyful mood.  The music can continue into the foyer and everywhere in your home that you want.

Adjust the volume throughout the night and determine which rooms will have tunes playing in them with just a push of a button.  Managing your AV is all under your control.

Want to learn more about bringing excellent home automation products to your property this holiday season?  Get ready for the winter by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form.  We’d love to hear from you!


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