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Respect the Music with a Whole-Home Audio System that Delivers

Experience Your Music Anywhere Anytime Without Delay or Distortion

Respect the Music with a Whole-Home Audio System that Delivers

Music is an essential part of your life; it has the power to get you moving and inspires your creativity. Like a small change to your lighting, a single song can change how you feel and perceive the world around you.

The albums, singles, and tracks you hold dear become a personal soundtrack as you make your way through the day. The whole-house audio system you install should respect this intimate relationship with crisp and dynamic audio that envelops you, inside or outdoors.

While you may know that there is a quantitative difference between digital audio formats, the method of delivering music to the speakers can have a significant impact as well.

Are you mulling over whether to invest in a professionally installed system over an off-the-shelf Bluetooth combo? Read below to learn which is best for your Frisco, TX smart home.

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Bluetooth’s Boundaries

Wireless communication and audio transmission are fantastic things; they allow you to move about free from wires so your entertainment is with you whenever and wherever you want. While convenience is an essential factor, RF has limited bandwidth available to it. Some fidelity has to be given up to enable a successful reception of complex audio signals.

Bluetooth (BT) is a popular medium as it is quick, efficient, and perfect for connecting a source and destination in close proximity. The medium’s durability and ease-of-use do have drawbacks, based on limitations that are baked in from the original design.

BT devices initially hit the market as a method of connecting mobile phones to wireless headsets. In order to save battery life and provide guaranteed quality, the frequency range is reduced dramatically. Newer devices have improved somewhat, but even many ‘audiophile’ systems still employ aggressive compression schemes.

Better Sound, Wired or Wireless

A professionally installed audio system does not color your music. It delivers a pure reproduction with punchy mid-range, precise highs, and lows that you can feel as well as hear.

Wired or wireless, your multiroom setup allows you to play high fidelity files like MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) and FLACC from your curated collection or the leading streaming platforms. Connect any source to any room or all rooms without lag, delay, or buffering.

Enjoy a full-throated audio experience without distracting from the sweeping architectural lines or decor. The speakers are engineered to sit flush in walls or ceilings behind paintable grills that nearly disappear to the eye. In rooms where no sign of technology or interruption is desired, invisible speakers are mounted behind walls. The music appears to emanate from everywhere and nowhere all at once.

Let The Music Move You

You want the music to pull at your heart, sway your emotions, and move your soul. Play it all as the artist intended, on a setup that respects the relationship.

Are you intrigued by what is possible with whole-house audio? Call us at 972-757-4002 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation.

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