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Lighting Control That Enhances Your Lifestyle

Intuitive Controls Give You the Power to Transform Your Home, Personalized Controls Bring Balance to Your Day.

Lighting Control That Enhances Your Lifestyle

Lighting has a transformative power over your home. It sets the mood, creating ambiance, and keeping you and your property safe. Standard lightning too often treats illumination only as a way to guide your steps in the night; it is either on or off. 

smart home provides you the ability to create a more personalized experience. Automatically set the scene for dinner or balance your circadian rhythms by transitioning house lights to a warm glow as you shift to sleep.

Your lighting control system does not stand alone; it is part of a larger ecosystem. It integrates with climate, security, audio, and video systems in your McKinny, TX home.

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Light of your Life

What do you first notice when walking into a home?Do you see the furnishings or the art? Does the room feel closed in with hard shadows and harsh angles? Your perceptions and emotional response to a space start with how it is illuminated; one dominated by cool hues feels unwelcoming and uncomfortable. 

Personalized lighting control gives you the power to guide your day with a more natural progression that keeps your energy balanced throughout the day. Just as music tempos can be harnessed to keep you moving in an even-keeled way at work, in the same manner, lighting can help. Live in concert with the day’s natural cycles by waking to softer colors and muted brightness that gently moves into brighter and more vibrant hues as the day progresses. 

Installation that Fits 

Smart lighting control not only gives you the power to set a scene from the palm of your hand or the sound of your voice, but it also helps create better aesthetics. No longer do you have to suffer the unsightly ‘wall acne’ banks of switches; these are replaced with stylish and elegant keypads improving the look of your home. 

Whether you are looking to incorporate control as part of the design-build process or retrofitting an existing home, we have solutions to accommodate your needs. While running dedicated wires from a centralized cabinet is preferable, it is not always possible to do so. In cases where you are dealing with historic wallpaper or other factors that make opening walls cost-prohibitive, wireless systems are available. Our team works closely with your architect, designers, and builder to find the right solution. 

Integrated Control 

Your home is made up of more than one ecosystem, and lighting is an interconnected component of that. All of your daily activities in the house require or are supplemented by lights. 

Starting a movie in your home theater means also lowering the lights, making the temperature just right, and ensuring the security system is activated. Whole-home management and automation can start with illumination and scale up as you need. 

Integrating lighting control in your home not only brings more life to but enhances your lifestyle. 

Are you ready to embrace a more human-centric approach to your lighting control? Reach out to one of our lighting experts for a solution tailored to your home. Just give us a call or fill out our contact form to set up a one-on-one consultation.

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