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Indoor Vs. Outdoor Speakers: What You Need to Know

Get the Most out of Your Outdoor Entertainment System

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Speakers: What You Need to Know

Whether you’re chilling poolside in Dallas, grilling up burgers in Frisco, or playing a game of catch in McKinney, one thing’s for sure: spring is the perfect time to experience the great Texas outdoors. And to get the most out of it, you’ll want an outdoor entertainment system that can produce quality AV in your backyard. What does that mean for you? Building a sound system that can capture every note of your favorite music. Of course, it’s a little more complicated than dragging your speakers out back. You’ll want to invest in a speaker system that can resonate outside.

What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor speakers? Find out by reading below.

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Perhaps the most obvious difference between an indoor and outdoor speaker is the design. Outdoor systems have to last -- withstanding elements like rain, hail, snow, and the occasional, accidental kickball. That means the materials used to construct them have to be durable.

Higher-end indoor speakers are made from delicate woods and polymers chosen for their ability to capture and reproduce fine detail during audio playback. For wireless speaker systems, you'll often see a lot more metal and plastic. In both cases, neither are waterproof, and the slightest accident could end up ruining your expensive component.

Outdoor speakers, on the other hand, are often constructed from durable metals and plastics that won’t rot or rust when left out in nasty weather conditions. As you can imagine, that makes them heavier and can have an impact on sound quality. Still, an outdoor speaker system is built to last, and a quality one will survive for years.

Sound Quality

All of those delicate woods and intricately designed pieces contained within a high-end, indoor speaker aren’t just for show. They accentuate the fine detail in the audio. But indoor speakers are designed to be just that -- indoors. That means manufacturers are counting on the natural reflection and absorption (acoustics) of an enclosed space to generate the best quality sound.

Outdoor speakers often don't have the benefit of walls to reflect off of. Instead, they're designed to play loudly to compensate for the ambient noises of your backyard. Larger outdoor speakers often have bass drivers built in, rather than existing in a separate subwoofer.

In other cases, smaller, bullet-style speakers offer pointed, directional audio. These units can hide among foliage and landscaping while providing a centralized soundstage for easy listening that won't disturb the neighbors.


As we’ve already mentioned, outdoor speakers are designed to last a long time. But their materials won’t do the entire job. Outdoor systems are often wall-mounted or semi-buried to help prevent them from accidentally tipping over and becoming damaged.

As such, outdoor speakers have to work within the existing design of your landscaping. Virtually invisible bullet speakers can hide amongst your foliage, but main manufacturers offer aesthetically-pleasing larger options that can also withstand the elements.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy high-quality outdoor sound this spring. Find out more by clicking the “Let’s Talk!” button at the bottom of your screen and chatting with a live representative right now.

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