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How to Prepare for Your Home Theater Installation

Avoid Common Installation Mistakes with a Custom Solution

How to Prepare for Your Home Theater Installation

Are you tired of dealing with uneven sound and blurry images in your private theater? Say goodbye to your retail equipment and invest in a custom home theater installation. Everything from the room acoustics to the speaker layout is expertly designed to get you the best sound and video quality in your Allen, TX home. These types of theaters require a lot more than plugging in a few components, which is why you need to make sure your AV technician has all the necessary information before getting started to ensure a seamless installation.

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Do You Already Have a Location in Mind?
The best option for your home theater installation is an independent room that can be designed to optimize your video and image quality. Improve video quality by having little or no ambient lighting. Meanwhile, acoustic panels or insulated drywall can result in a more powerful surround sound experience. If you don’t have an optimal room available, below are some things you should consider:

  •  Ambient Lighting: There are some ways to diminish the effects of ambient light. One thing you could do is install blackout shades to reduce the amount of light entering the room. You can also invest in displays, like a 4K TV or dark screen, which do well under ambient lighting.

  • Space Limitations: Before you invest in any expensive equipment, make sure it’ll fit comfortably in the room. This is especially important when it comes to your display. Your TV or screen should be able to stand a few feet off the ground with space on either side for your surround sound speakers. If you want to install a robust surround sound system but don't have the space, you can opt for in-wall or in–ceiling speakers.

What do You Want to Watch?
Another problem we encounter in home theater installations is that clients focus on how good the system looks and not on how they plan to use it. It’s important to know from the start what you’re going to want to watch in your theater. Will you be watching movies from Netflix, your media library or Blu-ray collection? We can connect all these sources to your theater so you have access to endless hours of entertainment.

  •  Source Components: Technicians will need to know the number of source components ahead of time to make sure your AV receiver has enough inputs and outputs to serve the theater. They can also prepare in advance by placing all needed wiring discreetly behind walls. If you’re a big fan of streaming video, boosting your network may also be a part of your installation.
  • Control Options: How many times have you installed new AV equipment then had to fiddle with multiple remotes to get it to work? Let us know how you’d like to manage your system, whether it’s with a universal remote, touchpad or even your smartphone. We can program your system ahead of time and train you on how to use it once your installation is complete.

 Want to get the most out of your home theater system in Frisco, Allen or McKinney? Contact 21st Century Audio Video to set up a discovery meeting.

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