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How to Get the Most Out of Your Multi-Room Audio

Answer These Four Questions Before Upgrading Your Home Audio

How to Get the Most Out of Your Multi-Room Audio

One of the most popular smart home features is multi-room audio. There are few things as universally loved as music, so it's natural that people want better ways to experience it in their homes. Having an easy way to pull up music—whether you’re into heavy metal, pop or R&B—can transform your daily lifestyle.

Everything from hosting friends to doing errands is made better with the right music in the background. Professionally installed multi-room audio puts your favorite music at your fingertips anywhere in your McKinney, TX home. Reading this blog, you’ll see some common questions we ask our clients to help them figure out the ideal solution for their space

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Where Do You Want to Listen?

Each discussion starts with figuring out the scope of your system. Start by thinking where in your house you enjoy listening to music or where you'd like to hear it, but you don't currently have an easy way to do so. Expand your multi-room audio to your kitchen, bedrooms, media rooms, and even outdoor spaces as needed.

What Do You Want to Hear?

Next, we want to know what music you’d like to listen to with your multi-room audio. Here we don't mean your favorite genre—though feel free to share—but rather the sources you typically use. For your music, do you use streaming services, CD players, digital libraries, or turntables? All of these can be added to your multi-room audio as needed. Since you can use one source in multiple locations, you also limit the amount of necessary equipment. For example, you just need one media player for the entire house instead of having one in each room.

How Do You Listen to Listen to Music?

How you listen to music will affect not only the speakers you use but how you should lay them out within the room. Enjoy just having some music in the background while doing other things? Go with in-ceiling speakers that spread sound evenly as you move around. Are you an audiophile who wants to sit down and listen to a record from start to finish? Then a two-channel installation using high-end loudspeakers is the way to go. 

How Do You Want to Control It?

Centralized control is one of the most significant benefits of your multi-room audio. Enjoy access to all of your music sources from one device and easily choose in which rooms to listen. During your installation, you can choose exactly how to integrate this centralized control. Are you most comfortable using a handheld remote? Maybe you’d enjoy the added convenience of using a mobile app or dedicated touchpad instead.

Our experts will take the answers to these questions and craft a custom multi-room audio solution for your home in McKinney, Frisco, or Wiley. Get in touch with us to set up a consultation by calling (972) 757-4002 or filling out our contact form.

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