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How to Create an Outdoor Media Room

Make Sure You Get the Most Out of Your Outdoor TV Installation

How to Create an Outdoor Media Room

Whether you want to host a tailgate for the next Cowboys game or boost your kids’ upcoming pool party, an outdoor media room can give an added reach to your favorite entertainment. Many people begin with a few speakers and an outdoor TV installation. But to have a really unforgettable entertainment space, you need to make sure you give your brand new television the support it deserves. When installing a media room outdoors, make sure you answer these questions before getting started.

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Where Do You Want Your TV To Go?

The first step in any installation is figuring out where you want your new television to go. Though outdoor TV manufacturers like SunbriteTV offer great anti-glare options, you still want to place your television in an area where it will be shielded from the sun and elements. This is why a covered deck or patio is preferred. With SunbriteTV offering outdoor TVs ranging from 32 inches to 84 inches, you can find the right size for almost any space.

What Are You Doing for Audio?

Outdoor televisions come with built-in speakers. But much like an indoor media room or theater, we recommend installing an external sound system to get high-quality audio. Through a professional installation, you can use Sonance’s line of outdoor speakers to recreate a surround sound setup for immersive audio when enjoying your favorite movies or sports team. When you’re not watching television, these speakers can also be used to listen to music, radio shows or podcasts.

What Will You Be Watching?

One of the biggest challenges of an outdoor TV installation is successfully linking your brand new equipment to your source components like a Blu-ray player, media library or cable box. While your television may be weather resistant, these sources certainly aren’t. The best solution is to keep most of your vulnerable products indoors. We then use matrix switchers to relay the signal to your outdoor television. This way you still have access to everything you want to watch without risking damage.

How do You Want to Control It?

Now that you’ve installed your televisions, chosen what you want to watch, and invested in some comfortable patio furniture, it’s time to figure out the best way to manage your outdoor media room. Using indoor remotes not only leads to damage but to them getting lost as well. We can work with your family to find a control solution that makes the most sense, whether it’s a waterproof remote, an app on your smartphone or a dedicated touchpad mounted on the wall.

The more control devices you need, the more likely they’re going to get lost once they leave the comfort of your indoor spaces. We give you access to your television, audio and sources all on one device to limit the risk of remotes getting lost and to make it easier for you to create the perfect atmosphere in a matter of seconds.

It’s time to get a breath of fresh air without having to say goodbye to the couch and television! Get the best of both worlds with a state-of-the-art outdoor media room. To get started, call us at (972) 757-4002 or fill out our online contact form.

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