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How Can You Get the Proper Lighting Every Time?

Intuitive Control Results in a More Beautiful and Efficient Home

How Can You Get the Proper Lighting Every Time?

You rarely notice just how essential lights are until you find yourself with the wrong lighting. The lights may be too bright in your media room, creating a glare on your screen. How about landscape lighting that's too dim and results in an unsafe environment around your Dallas, TX home? Even the colors of your walls and your furnishings look entirely different under certain lighting.

Finding the perfect lighting can be difficult and recreating it even more so. Our home lighting control systems make it easy to design the ideal settings for any room, activity, or purpose. As you read this blog, we'll showcase some ways intuitive control helps you accomplish the three most important goals of your lighting design: safety, style, and comfort.

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Seamless control of your lights plays a major role in keeping your family safe. Not only is it essential to eliminate unlit areas to deter crime, but on a more pragmatic day-to-day basis, it’s vital to avoid dangerous trips and falls. One way to stay ahead of the dark is to schedule landscape lighting to go on as soon as the sun sets. Use pathway lighting that automatically turns on when you walk past to guide you to the front door or the fridge in the middle of the night. Record better surveillance footage by having lights turn on when your installed motion detectors sense movement on your property's perimeter.

Interior Design

Lighting also plays a significant role when it comes to your interior design. The right lighting design can turn any room from dreary to dazzling. How can you make sure you are always using the best settings to bring out your wall colors, décor, and furnishings? Each room has settings saved with the optimal dimming levels. Easily pull up those settings from a touchpad, mobile app, or even a voice command. Lighting control even streamlines your décor by replacing switches with elegant keypads that manage multiple fixtures simultaneously.


During your day-to-day, comfort and function will play a more critical role than style. How you use your lights in your media room, for example, will vary greatly whether you're hosting friends, watching a movie, or reading a book. Adjust lights until you find just the right fit for each activity and save it into your home lighting control. Then when it’s time for a specific action or event, pull up the ideal settings within seconds from a dedicated touchpad or app.


Are you ready to enjoy all the perks of an integrated lighting control system? We can design a custom solution that considers your family’s top priorities as well as the particular features you want to highlight in your home. To get started, give us a call at (972) 757-4002, fill out our contact form or chat with us on the bottom right.

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