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Home Automation Tips: Identifying Pain Points

Alleviate Daily Hassles for a Simpler Lifestyle

Home Automation Tips: Identifying Pain Points

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of building a home automation system for your Dallas property.

After all, many smart devices are marketed as expensive toys. Have you seen the latest commercials for Amazon Alexa or Sonos? They almost exclusively highlight how fun automation is.

But it can also help simplify your lifestyle in practical ways. In fact, it may be a smarter idea to find those pain points and invest in the technology that will help alleviate them.

In this blog, we’ll help you identify some common issues and show you how integrated technology can help. To find out more just keep reading.


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Pain Point 1: Too Many Buttons!

There’s plenty of technology in your house right now, and whether it’s “smart” or not, you’re probably dealing with too many buttons, switches, and other controls throughout your day.

Each device may seem easy to use, but when you account for how many controllers you use throughout the day, it can quickly seem overwhelming.

And it get’s more complicated when you consider things like multiple sources for your AV, or different zone controls for your lighting system.

With an automated AV or lighting system, you can control everything with one touch. It simplifies your usage considerably.


Pain Point 2: Inconvenient Comfort Controls

Among the most useful technology in your home automation system are your comfort controls. That’s things like your thermostat, motorized shading and lighting features.

They’re essential to getting the most out of your property – they save you money and help you feel at ease while you’re at home.

But they can also be a hassle. You may have a single thermostat on the second floor, which means you have to get up and adjust it or trust timers to adjust the temperature while you’re out.

Smart technology allows you to control everything remotely. But that’s not all; you can also receive real-time updates on your energy usage and make remote adjustments based on the data.

Of course, the true benefit of smart technology is how it integrates with other devices to maintain virtually hands-free operations.

For instance, a smart thermostat can talk to your shades. When your thermostat lowers the temperature to combat the infamous Wiley, Texas heat, the shades can also automatically lower to minimize heat gain.


Pain Point 3: You’re Not Connected With Your Property

Leaving the house is always a great idea – especially when it’s to get out and enjoy a nice summer vacation.

But it can also be stressful. You don’t want to leave your property unattended.

Your smart automation system can help you stay aware of what’s happening. Whether that’s real-time push notifications from your surveillance or alerts letting you know internal locks are engaged, smart automation ensures you’re never too far from home… even when you’re miles away.


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