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Here’s What You Need to Enjoy an Outdoor Home Theater

Spring Is Almost Here, So Step Outside for Family Fun

Here’s What You Need to Enjoy an Outdoor Home Theater

It may not seem like it yet, but in just a few short weeks we’re going to be enjoying some warm spring weather.

So that means you’re not going to want to be cooped up in your home theater like you’ve been for the past few months.

Instead, why not step outside and enjoy the fresh, Dallas, TX air with an outdoor theater system?

In this blog, we’ll show you what you need to start enjoying a home theater in your backyard this year.

Just keep reading for more.

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Outdoor TV

One of the most important aspects of any theater system is the video.

But when you move your system outside, you have to face challenges that you don’t have to deal with indoors.

These challenges can include, weather, light and debris.

That means you’ll need a video display capable of overcoming these obstacles.

With that in mind, some homeowners love the idea of an ultra-bright 4K Ultra HD outdoor television.

Outdoor TVs are very similar to the Sony or LG flat-panel you have in your living room right now. But they’re more durable, and they can show images bright enough to compete with everything short of direct sunlight.

That’s important in high ambient light situations – even when you’re watching at night.

The moon, stars and whatever landscape lighting you use on a regular basis can quickly kill a video image. Ultra-bright outdoor TVs take that into account and ensure visibility.

Outdoor Projector

Of course, some homeowners love the idea of the projector-and-screen combination.

But, as you can imagine, that’s even more challenging when it comes to achieving appropriate brightness levels.

Because a projector typically works by shooting light at a screen, and the light reflecting back to create a visible image, any ambient light will quickly diminish it.

In those cases, it may be necessary to use a rear-projection system.

Rear-projection means the projector sits behind a specially made screen. Since the projector fires directly at the viewer, the image can be brighter and more vibrant.

Most indoor theaters use the more traditional method because it saves space. But when you’re out back, space isn’t as much of a priority.

So you can enjoy the full theater experience while also spending time in your backyard!

There’s still plenty to learn about setting up an outdoor home theater system.

So let’s talk!

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