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Fun & Useful Ways to Use Voice Control in Your Smart Home

Voice-Activated Ideas for Smart Home Automation

Fun & Useful Ways to Use Voice Control in Your Smart Home

We all know a few basic ways to use voice control—telling your smart speaker to play music, for instance, or asking your phone what the weather will be tomorrow. But how can you use a voice assistant in your smart home?

Voice-controlled smart home automation unlocks the full potential of your modern Dallas, TX, home. As you walk through the house, you can tell your devices and lights to activate automatically, saving time, and adding spontaneity to your day. Have a look at the possibilities for your home below.

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“Good Morning”

Whether you start the day with Google Home or Alexa, you can tell your smart system a simple command like “Good Morning” to start your routine. Your voice assistant will know to gradually bring the bedroom lights up, raise your motorized shades, and turn on kitchen lights. An acoustic playlist may start crooning over your whole-home audio system, and even your coffee pot can start brewing.

Queue Up Movie Night

Can’t find the remote? No problem. Kick-off movie or TV time in seconds by telling your voice assistant to turn the screen on, start the Blu-ray player, or play a specific program on Netflix. Say “Movie Time” and watch your lights dim and shades lower for the ultimate atmosphere.

Time to Sleep

Feeling groggy and in need of a nap? Or is it already way past your bedtime? With an integrated smart speaker in your bedroom, you can tell it “Goodnight” to speed up your nighttime routine. Your window shades will descend, lights will lower, and white noise can start playing over your speakers. Maybe your thermostat will lower slightly, or a fan will start for added comfort.

Heading Out the Door

When you’re in a hurry to leave the house, there’s no time to run around turning everything off. Voice control makes it easy to turn off thermostats and lights, lower shades, and arm your security system in seconds. “OK, Google, lock the door,” you’ll say as you head to the car.

Change the Lights

Lighting control goes hands-free, and with an automated system like Control4, you can do much more than turn them on and off. Say, “Alexa, dim the lights 50%”, and it will understand you mean the room you’re in. Or say, “Change lights to blue,” and your smart lights will transform color. Tell your system to “Raise color temperature” for a warmly lit, cozy atmosphere instantly.

Control Your Wi-Fi  

Experiencing internet issues? Your smart home’s voice assistant can help with that, too. Say “reboot my router” and wait for the network to start up again. Or tell your assistant to turn off the kids’ Wi-Fi when it’s near bedtime, or they need a break.

Could you use help assembling a smart home and voice assistant? If you live in the Dallas area, 21st Century AV is your destination for all home technology solutions. We can program and install a system suited to your home and lifestyle.

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