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Everything You Need to Know About Home Automation

How Smart Technology Makes Your Home Safe, Beautiful and Efficient

Everything You Need to Know About Home Automation

Many people are now embracing the power of smart technology. Environmentally-minded households are adopting smart thermostats for added energy efficiency. Parents are thrilled with smart surveillance cameras that let them look in on their kids while they’re at work. Though many households are still opting for individual solutions, others are upgrading to home automation systems. How do these differ? They can bring together all those disparate devices, giving you control of all the technology in your Frisco, TX home from one central interface.

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What is Home Automation?

A home automation system offers control and automation of your technology. Through both wired and wireless connections, devices can communicate with each other and be managed from a tablet, touchpad, remote, or smart device. For example, your fire alarm could tell your lights to turn on and locks to unlock to facilitate evacuation during a fire. These systems are part of the "Internet of Things", a network of connected devices that allows not only for intuitive communication and control but also the collection of data for added efficiency.

What Can You Control?

As long as a device is connected to your network and compatible with your system hub, it can be incorporated into a smart home automation system. Below we highlight some of the most common technology options and their typical uses:

  • Lighting: You can use occupancy sensors to make sure lights are turned off in unused rooms, schedule landscape lighting to go on as soon as the sun sets, and eliminate wall clutter by replacing light switches with elegant keypads or touchpads. Optimize your energy efficiency by linking lights and motorized shades. When natural sunlight is available, the shades open and lights dim. You can also control lights from a smartphone ensuring none are on when you leave the house.
  • Entertainment: You can forget about the pile of remotes on the coffee table. Instead manage all of your entertainment from a dedicated touchpad, tablet or smartphone. You can also have your entertainment work in conjunction with the rest of your home to create the perfect environment to watch movies, listen to music or host friends. Within your home automation system, you can create ‘scenes' that control multiple elements. A "Netflix” scene can dim the lights, close the shades, switch on the TV, and turn on your surround sound.
  • Security and Surveillance: Many clients love having mobile access to their security system. They can lock doors, set the alarm and look in on surveillance footage no matter where they are. Your smart security also partners with other technology to be proactive against potential threats. Say for example an intruder enters your property. Immediately, the landscape lights in the area turn on to let him know he's been seen and to get better surveillance footage from your cameras. 

Are you interested in bringing smart technology into your home? Instead of investing in off-the-shelf devices that might be incompatible with each other, speak with our expert technicians to upgrade to a home automation solution that gives you intuitive control of all your technology.

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