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Bring New Dimensions To Your Home Theater Experience

A Surround Sound System Immerses You Into The Music And Movies You Love

Bring New Dimensions To Your Home Theater Experience

What makes movies so powerful that they can stir the soul and bedazzle the brain drawing us back to them again and again? The psychologists state that the thrill of a story and the visual stimulation act as cathartic agents, allowing you to suspend yourself in the experience.

Whether you find a particular beauty in the high-octane Marvel Cinematic Universe or the high drama of Hollywood's golden age, it is the sound that creates the skin-tingling moments. The influential and infamous director Robert Bresson made audio its own character, saying: “When a sound can replace an image, cut the image or neutralize it. The ear goes more towards the within, the eye towards the outer.”

A surround sound system opens your ears and heightens your senses, leaving you anticipating the next scene, riveted to your seat and ready to jump all at once. Are you prepared to hear more in the movies and music you love? Continue reading below to discover the possibilities for your Rockwall, TX home.

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Setting the Stage

Surround sound for movies has its origins in Walt Disney’s Imagineers working to create an audio environment that enveloped the audience while watching his masterpiece, Fantasia. Much later, Dolby Labs used a prototype five-channel, ‘quintaphonic sound’ for selected venues showing the movie Tommy.

The format now stands as a singularly vital complement of albums and film, generating the multidimensional audio fields that foster deeper connections to the characters, plot, or song.  Traditional 2-channel systems cannot make you feel the sense of space, from a claustrophobic room to a vast expansion.

The Atmos Sensation

Nothing blurs the lines between fantasy and your theater seat more than the advanced processing of Dolby Atmos.

The system does not reproduce audio in discrete channels but as free-floating objects that directors manipulate at will. Now, you are right in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon or sitting between Mick Jagger and Keith Richards as they play during the Tattoo You tour.

Invisible to the Eye

Audio is to be heard, not seen, its magic lies within the way soundwaves sway and make you move. The clunky cabinets for looming black boxes in your home are no longer required to achieve audiophile quality. 

When the units are installed in a finished room, they disappear from sight. Whether mounted in recessed mounts behind paintable grids or placed behind walls, the audio appears to emanate from everywhere and nowhere all at once.

A Better Sounding Home

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