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Bring Better Living with a Home Automation Installation

21st Century Audio Video Enhances Your Lifestyle with Technology That Caters To Your Expectations.

Bring Better Living with a Home Automation Installation

A smart home gives you the convenience and luxury of managing your house with automated processes, security, and entertainment at the touch of a button.

Home automation installation services allow you to personalize your space to enhance how you live and work. A 21st century home is one that is experienced rather than just occupied. Your interactions with each room are as vital as the whole-home operations.

Are you ready to see how an automated Frisco, TX home can stimulate the senses and soothe the soul? Read more below to find out.

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Goldilocks Zones

Being comfortable in your home is often taken for granted, but adequately managing temperature and humidity can make all the difference. More than just controlling the rooms’ temperature, sensors ensure that each space is the same, adding just the right amount of each for ultimate comfort. Creating goldilocks zones in your home means never having to walk into a wall of humidity or arctic air as you enter a room.

Inspired Lighting

While lighting does provide a very utilitarian function of illuminating your way or providing security, it also influences moods and focus. A well designed and implemented lighting system can improve your well-being by bringing balance to your circadian cycles. Wake up to soft colors that transition into brighter and clear light that mimics the sun to furnish you with energy and focus through the day.

Let the Music Move You

Content and music are vital components in relieving the day’s stresses and sustaining our energy levels. Whole-home media distribution ensures that your content follows you, whether you are relaxing in the living room, shimming in the kitchen, or settling down to sleep. You put the music where you want, with the kids enjoying an action movie in the game room and background music for the adults in the den. Listen with speakers that generate audiophile quality sound but do not disturb your home's architectural lines.

Cinematic Experiences

Movies are made to be shown in the theater; there is powerful magic in the cinema experience. You can recreate the movie house experience, with better quality than your local multiplex, with a home theater system. The stunning large screen 4K ultra-high-definition video will blur the line between story and reality. The surround sound system reproduces every nuance from the buzzing of a bee as it passes by to Michael Bay explosions' dynamic rumblings.

Take it Outside

You can enjoy all the conveniences of your smart home outdoors. There is nothing better than a backyard barbeque unless, of course, you can’t watch the game or listen to full resolution music as well. Installing outdoor speakers extends your whole-home system beyond the walls, bringing life to any party or ambiance to a day at the pool.  You can make the most of your exterior bar with weather-resistant HD televisions designed to present sharp, detailed video in any light.

Ban the Buffer

A modern smart home runs on data networks; it is the essential infrastructure. Your network needs to accommodate multiple video streams, music, control data, and general internet browsing without generating the dreaded buffering message.  A properly designed system can guarantee a seamless operation that scales with your needs and protects your most personal information. Having security and speed means it will work so well you’ll forget it is there.

Are you intrigued by how our home automation installation services can enhance your home and lifestyle? Find out more by clicking the “Let’s Talk!” button at the bottom of your screen and chatting with a live representative right now. You can also click here to schedule a consultation to help us build a solution that works for you.

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