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3 Ways to Use Your Smart Home System

Save Energy, Tailor Unique Experiences, and Prepare for Parties

3 Ways to Use Your Smart Home System

Installing a smart home automation system in your Wiley, TX home is ideal for adding convenience and simplicity to your lifestyle, but there are a number of other reasons a smart home is so useful. The benefit of working with 21st Century is that you can tailor your smart home to achieve any type of goal or experience you want. Are you concerned with saving the environment and want your home to be energy efficient? Or maybe you enjoy watching a new film once a week in a custom home theater. Either way, your system will be able to create the right environment for any activity or purpose you choose. Keep reading this blog to learn more

TGIF – The Film Buff

Have you ever been to the local movie theater and have been distracted by the noisy teenagers talking in the back, an annoying glare on the screen due to an improperly installed flood light, or too much reverb from the super-loud sound system? It’s the little things that matter when you are a film buff. If you can tell when the picture is in standard and not HD, you will notice when anything isn’t quite right in your home theater. A smart home system can be used to create the perfect environment for a Friday night flick. You can lower the shades to prevent glare, dim down the lights to complete blackness, and turn up the volume as loud as you want with your custom controls on a tablet, touchpad, or universal remote. If an evening of entertainment bliss is your goal, using your smart home is the perfect way to achieve it.

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Mr. Green – The Energy Saver

If saving energy is a top priority, then a smart home can definitely help. Many homeowners install a control system for this very reason. Lighting control, motorized shades, a smart thermostat, and an energy management system are all keys to being green. Every part of your home can be programmed to save as much energy as possible. For example, your home’s lights don’t always have to be on the brightest setting. Your smart home can keep them at 50 percent at all times. It can also detect when there is enough sunlight in the room to provide maple light and then turn off all the artificial lights in the area. Your motorized shades will stay open until the sun sets. Lastly, your heating and cooling system uses a lot of electricity, so you can save big just by managing your home’s temperature at all times. Stay connected by using an app on your phone or tablet or let your smart home change the degree for you based on the season. A control system makes being environmentally conscious easy.

Ms. Homemaker – The Party Planner

Maybe you’re not the biggest movie fan and going green isn’t top of mind, but hosting friends and family regularly is. If you are constantly hosting parties and welcoming guests over for the holidays, then a smart home system can help you plan and manage those occasions. Whole house music systems come in handy when you want to prepare a playlist and start the party at a specific time. You can also save lighting, shading, security, and audio video settings under one name and recall them at any time. For example, if you always have cocktails with friends on Fridays, you can label the scene “Happy Hour.” The lights will dim to give the room ambience, a relaxing playlist will start and the shades will come down to give you and your guests privacy. You can even give overnight guests personalized controls so they can adjust the thermostat if it’s too cold in the guest room and more.

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